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Emotional & Binge Eating Coaching

I am a specially trained coach in the area of binge & emotional eating.


I use Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Intuitive Eating Principles, Neuroscience Research & Mindfulness as well as Somatic Techniques to tackle emotional eating and binge eating disorder on all levels to fully & finally resolve your relationship with food, your weight & your body image... forever.


I recognise that binge, emotional eating & body image issues often stem from emotional issues, habits, patterns, core beliefs & life stage. I help clients to address these issues in a safe & nurturing coaching environment.

My approach prioritises dignity, education & compassion.

Food & Body Freedom Is Possible

To book a free 30 minute discovery call contact me via the contact box here on the website or via

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Check out the free one hour master class provided by Eating Freely:

You can also listen to Emma Murphy founder of Eating Freely here:

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