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Coming Soon: The Confidence Clinic

A two part series delivered online looking at what confidence looks and feels like. The course gives you an opportunity to  develop greater confidence in yourself and your horse.

The course content includes human & equine psychology, neuroscientific considerations and developing your own tailor made confidence strategies.

For further information contact me through the contact box on the website or at helenohanloncoaching@gmail.com

Have you ever felt that you’re not as far ahead in your horsemanship as you believe you should be or would like to be?

In this course, I explain how to train your mind and to reframe thoughts and experiences that may be blocking you from achieving your full potential.

Fear & Safety Course - Equitopia Center

Link: https://www.equitopiacenter.com/shop/fear-and-safety-for-horse-and-rider/

This course: ‘Fear and Safety for Horse and Rider’ is based on the Equitopia virtual conference held in August 2020, where over two days, four experts looked at the complex issue of fear and safety  – each adding their unique insight to the topic based on their qualifications, expertise and experience.


This course is packed with essential information presented in a way which is accessible for everyone who rides or spends time with horses!

Magazine Articles 

Horsemanship Journal

Check out my articles in each edition of the Horsemanship Journal - I discuss all things psychology and horsemanship.

Link for Subscriptions: https://horsemanship-journal.com/subscribe

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Online Blogs 

Natural Horseman Saddles 

The Twists and Turns on The Road To Resilience


Follow the link below to check out my recent blog with on building confidence and resilience at Natural Horseman Saddles.