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Areas of Expertise

Life & Performance Coaching 


I am fully qualified coach with a first class honours masters in Coaching Psychology from University College Cork (UCC), I also hold a first class honours masters in Education form UCC.

This unique fusion of qualifications allows me to work successfully with individuals wishing to progress their personal, sporting or academic lives.

I am qualified in the areas of mindfulness coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC), psychodynamic coaching, realtional coaching and also hold a qualification in psychometric testing.

Furthermore I am a fully qualified High Scope teacher, a curriculum approach that promotes general well being, active learning and problem solving skills. I also have both an academic and experiential knowledge of the area of special needs education and bring this knowledge and understanding to my coaching practice as required. 

Educational Coaching 

As a secondary school teacher of English and geography I have first hand experience of navigating an Irish post-primary school and understand the challenges that face students & teachers, whether this be of the social, emotional or academic variety.


I work with students & teachers in the coaching space to bring about greater clarity, self-awareness and stress reduction. 

Equestrian Coaching 

As an avid equestrian myself I understand the challenges that face equestrians and athletes in general. Within my practice I specialise in the area of equestrian coaching and help individuals to recognise both conscious and unconscious barriers that prevent goal acquisition and equestrian success. 

Horsemanship Lessons & Workshops

I also offer a Horsemanship mentoring programme through the medium of lessons and workshops.

My horsemanship approach recognises the perspective of the horse and employs an approach that is compassionate to both horse and human.

Educational Consultancy 

As a fully qualified teacher with over 14 years experience working in educational settings from early years to third level. I have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to educational policy and curriculum design.

Throughout my career I have focused on researching student experience in order to improve my practice and implement change at school level.

My interest areas are student voice, inclusion and special educational needs.

In my work as an educational consultant I help individuals and organisations to audit and develop their educational offerings.

My Approach

Coaching is the facilitation of learning and development with the purpose of improving performance and effectiveness.

My approach with all clients is one of care and compassion. I recognise each client as an expert on their own lives. My role as a coach is to help each client gain clarity and awareness around topics that are of importance to them.


My Approach
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